DocPlus® solutions for managing documents

FivePlus® proposes innovative solutions wich integrate business processes, employees and technology to create a real business value, providing suitable environment to distribute information and ideas. 
FivePlus® solutionsare designed to ensure support of increasing efficiency, productivity ,profitability to improve communication within teams working and descreases administrative costs .

DocPlus® solutions are developed by  FivePlus®Solutions specialists, these solutions are based on the concept of international communication and collaboration on different activities, depending on the specific field of each company.
solutions are targeted on areas of documents  management and information. 

DocPlus® applicationsare built on  IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure , the most advandced electronic messaging platform internal and external communication in real time, individual calendar and group, access to applications it's made by the client  Lotus Notes.Applications have features functionality platform of IBM SameTime platform  , making accessible information on the availability of people.

security key of these solutions is provided by the  IBM Lotus Domino  infrastructure, and by checking access of each user from the applications, based on roles and permissions depending on who can access information and documents.

areas of applications  is provided with specific configuration, administrators have opportunity to opt for logging actions taken or to include additional protection 
for each document.

DocPlus®Basic is the fundamental component, and it is composed of modules that covers every necessity of organizing and cooperation. DocPlus®Basic is the foundation for management document applications, bringing major changes of intern communication, through:
  •  information is thematic structurated inside of the working groups or departments;
  • intern processes of approval and information are automated;
  • managing information about customers and carrying out marketing campaigns.

DocPlus® Enterprise has in composition a series of applications that respond punctual requirements of business applications focus on concrete activities, contributing to increase staff productivity and speed of respone, organizational support through the creation of availability of information and decision-making in a much shorter time.

DocPlus® Enterprise applications are based on modules of DocPlus® Basic , constituting a true instrument of controlling the internal activities, contributing to mechanize business processes and descrease the substantial time of finding the information and documents through a structured management, having quick access to the values and knowledge of the organization.

FivePlus® is a IBM (IBM Advanced Business Partner) partner, specialized in the implementation of solutions for managing documents, collaborative applications, electronic messaging and distance learning (eLearning).

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Arhitectura solutiilor DocPlus pentru management de documente