Customized solutions of document management, content management and workflow

The usage of an electronic system for information management & document management may be implemented at a department level or at the entire company level, bringing extraordinary benefits, both for the people who work on a daily basis with the information and for the management.

For organizations that supply services and products to clients and partners and want to meet their needs very fast it's very important that working with documents and information be fast, predictable and secure.
In that way the efficiency of the activity considerably improves, the handling costs become lower, a correct tracking of the documents is realized and a better structure of the information is obtained, offering to the management a better control over the workflow processes.

The workflow solutions bring a natural completion to the document management & content management systems supplying fast and accurately the information that has to be processed to the persons who need it, may it be at a department level or extended, at the level of the entire organization.

The document workflow process within the organization offers:

  • a better control over the internal processes and the information
  • consolidation of the information, offering support to management in taking internal and business decisions
  • a more efficient way in the transfer of internal information, knowledge, ideas
  • the improvement of collaboration in projects, document exchange
  • fast tracking of information
  • reducing the approval/notification time of some internal requests (reports, requests)
  • reducing the administrative costs
  • automation of certain activities with the purpose of allowing them less time
  • the possibility of electronic archiving of the information

The solutions and services in this area practically cover any kind of implementation, starting from useful solutions within a department and going to solutions that cover the entire organization no matter of its size or geographical distribution; the FivePlus® specialists have the necessary experience to choose the most adequate implementation strategy.

The document management & content management solutions can be implemented independently or can be integrated with other business applications.

The FivePlus® specialists have been involved in the implementation of complex solutions in different fields of activity, including banks, insurance companies, government organizations, production and commerce, utilities and many others.

The designed solutions are scalable and allow supplementary functionalities to be added at any time; these solutions are implemented on scalable software platforms which can also be used after the company has grown and comes in the necessity of supplementing the hardware resources.

The development of the solutions is done using IBM software platforms (Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Workplace) with access from the client or the browser web as well as other software platforms based on Java, JavaScript, and C# technologies, depending on the specific needs of each project.