E-mail systems based on IBM Lotus Domino platform

Email systems based on IBM Lotus Domino platform are known as the most stable and competitive solutions from world wide.

You have the possibility to communicate fast within your organization, to have access through the Internet/Intranet or offline access. The platform also offers the possibility to authenticate at a high level of security using token devices.

Additionally, for a fast communication between the members of the organization is the IBM SameTime product, natively integrated with the IBM Lotus platform.

An important facility offered by the electronic mail service is that of organizing, controlling and planning the personal agenda which includes the checking of the calendar entries, meetings, events, anniversaries, tracking tasks.

Moreover it's a way of communicating with the other members within the organization - organizing meetings, distribution of tasks and not only.

IBM Lotus Domino offers advanced internal and external communication facilities, a very good working environment; it also offers instruments for development and personalizing the applications. It improves the efficiency of the companies through advanced methods of information administration; it offers scalability, flexibility, and a low cost of propriety.

In order to implement systems with such functionalities, FivePlus® offers complete designing, installation, configuration, administration, technical support, training, resulting a fully functional system.

Through the developed applications on this platform, the user can design, administrate and monitor the business processes and the workflow within a company, offering control over the knowledge, information and values of the company.

IBM Lotus Domino can be installed on most hardware platforms and operating systems: Windows (NT, 200x), UNIX (IBM, HP, SUN), Linux (RedHat, Caldera, SuSe), IBM AS/400 or S/390, providing an easy administration; it may be installed on a single server, or on distributed servers.